Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stay Puff Marshmellow Man....

If you haven't heard the 50 cent diss to Diddy yet check it here.Sounds like he's kinda pissed about the Mase deal not going down with Puff. I don't get how come he's so mad about wack ass Mase in the fuckin first place. But anyways, in the diss 50 makes sure to let everybody know that G-Unit IS hip-hop (BAWHAHAHA)....oh sorry had to laugh, and Puff aint shit. 50 said Puff knows damn well who killed Biggie. He then talks about how he doesn't want to do a deal anymore, let alone go to his annual white party. And I quote,

"I don't wanna hang out with ya punk ass no way...I'll fuck yo shit up...Is you cazy nigga?"

And to top it all off, 50 said he's threatening to tell everybody what Misa (Puff's baby momma) supposedly told him. I'm sure that has something to do with those DL rumors floatin' around about Diddy.

So Puff hit up Hot 97 yesterday playing it cool about this whole diss record. He said 50's still invited to the white party and there are no hard feelings.... hahahaha No hard feelings??? WTF is that? Grow some fuckin balls you hoe ass trick you wanna be in this rap game so damn bad do what rappers do! Hire one of your ghostwriters and get at this fool!! As lame as I think Fiddy is personally I give it up to dude cuz he pulls no punches what so ever.... He's quick to jump on a track and talk much shit!

Tribute Sneaks....

NEW YORK - Eminem has collaborated with Nike Inc. to create a limited-edition collection of Air Max sneakers to be auctioned for charity.

The Grammy-winning rapper designed uppers for eight shoes in the series, including the Air Max ’87 and the most recent Air Max 360. His reinterpretation of the upper has been laid onto the original blueprints for each of the Air Max shoes to create a unique set of designs.

Eight sets of the footwear — a total of 64 pairs — will be produced for the auction. Proceeds will benefit Eminem’s Marshall Mathers Foundation, which provides funds for organizations working with troubled youth in southeast Michigan, and, a global campaign to bring education and sports programs to children in refugee camps across the globe.

There is also a Big Proof tribute sneaker being done also which is a cool jesture but all I'm askin is who the fuck designed these nasty ass joints? I'm actually not realy feeling the Em ones that much either just cuz they say his name on the side. The shoe itself was always one of my favorites tho I been stepin in Air Max's since day uno!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

70's baby....

politically incorrect as it gets....Yet Utterly awesome!

This has got to be the best album cover ever created hands down!!! Man being a product of the late 70's and early 80's I feel I missed all this funky ass cool as a polar bear shit by just a couple years! DAMN it the 70's seemed like such a decade of decadence for real. I just watched Boogie Nights the other day and that era was off the meat hooks for real.

(presses post button while humming Marvin Gaye "gotta give it up")

One year later....

Yes I know this blog is usually all fun ,games, clowin and things of that nature but on the serious note I had to speak on Hurricane Katrina one year removed. If you haven't had a chance to catch Spike Lee's "When the levees broke" I highly recommend it that's real talk. I mean I love being an American but this documentary just re-enforces how fucked or government is!

As the world watched in horror, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on August 29, 2005. Like many who watched the unfolding drama on television news, director Spike Lee was shocked not only by the scale of the disaster, but by the slow, inept and disorganized response of the emergency and recovery effort. Lee was moved to document this modern American tragedy, a morality play witnessed by people all around the world. The result is WHEN THE LEVEES BROKE: A REQUIEM IN FOUR ACTS. The film is structured in four acts, each dealing with a different aspect of the events that preceded and followed Katrina's catastrophic passage through New Orleans.

It really blows my mind that this went on in our OWN fuckin country... We seem to have every resource in the world to help everyone else out but when it comes to our own fuckin people we cant do shit! This is just more evidence of how fuckin incompetent our fucked up president DOUCHE BUSH is!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Cuz you know I got Sole!

The sneaker game has never been bigger. It’s all about having what your boys don’t have. The ultimate compliment is when someone looks down at your feet and asks, “Where’d you get those?” All over the globe are hundreds of hidden spots where you can cop vintage kicks and exclusive colorways of your favorite Air Force 1’s, adidas Superstars, Bapes and original Air Jordans, but there are some shops that clearly stand out from the rest.
The Dime crew spent the last few months researching these spots. We did our homework, talked to the right people and set up forums on where our readers could tell us all about their favorite spots. We decided to go straight boutique and specialty stores with this, so you won’t see Foot Locker, Footaction, Niketown and the adidas stores on this list. If you’re reading this magazine, you’ve already spent thousands of dollars (or if you’re like us, tens of thousands) at those stores and you’ll continue to hit them up on a weekly basis. And besides, with more than 1,300 Foot Lockers in the U.S. and Canada, we couldn’t possibly visit all of them.
Many factors went into our rankings – selection, history, atmosphere and reputation in the sneaker community. Countless hours and many, many pairs of crispy new kicks later, we bring you our list of the 25 best boutique sneaker stores. Peep the list HERE

40 and FIOOONE!!

Damn Mizz Jackson <--(Cuz Im nasty) Looks fine as hell on the new FHM cover!!! Man talk about doin the damn thang, Janet is most definetly "Preserving The Sexy" that's for damn sho! I hope I can stay lookin young and fly when I'm well into my 40's cuz I know some peeps I came up with look beat the fuck up and there only in there early 30's. I better stay on the vitamins and what not... so my sexy will still be intact down the road! I just dont see how she continues to fuck with the forrest troll! You can peep out more flicks HERE

Friday, August 25, 2006


Rock the boat...Work the middle....Change postions!

Well as my homeboy Real put it “Az Time Passes By”…. I’m definitely feelin that right about now. It was five years ago today that the music industry lost its reining angel Aaliyah Dana Haughton (January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001), better known to you and as simply Aaliyah. To me she was everything that was good about this shady ass music B.I.Z. she was talented, sexy, smart and just an all around great human being for reals. Although she wasn’t the absolute greatest vocalist in the world she always seemed to make up for it with great songs and top notch production. Working with the likes of R.Kelly, An up and coming Timbaland and Missy just to name a few. I really can’t believe it’s been five years gone already? I mean I still bump her shit like its brand new now that’s what I call making an impact I like to call it TIMELESS…… RELAX IN PARADISE baby girl!

*Pete Rock and CL said it They Reminisce Over You

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Don't be mad UPS is hiring....

Coming to a retirement home near you....With his opening act Frank Stalone

To mark his history making and legendary performance at the Teen Choice Awards, rap icon, Kevin Federline, was all set to hold court at his after-party in Los Angeles Sunday. Jessica Simpson, Dane Cook, Mischa Barton, Brandon Routh, the Olsen twins and Nelly Furtado were just some of the big names invited, but the only celebrity to show up was his wife, Britney Spears. A source says:

After everyone saw Kevin's performance, no one wanted to be stuck having to pretend it was good."

Poor Kevin. It seems like the whole world hates him, and this is one of the main reasons why. He truly believes he's talented. Throwing an after-party to celebrate Kevin's "performance" would be like throwing an after-party because you killed your tenth hooker. Sure, they're both technically reasons to throw a party, but you really shouldn't be surprised when nobody shows up. Man I can just make fun of this jagoff all day!

The feed K-Ci Fund*

"For just 30 cents a day you can feed this nigga!!!"

Who knew K-Ci had an album?.....*crickets*

Well K-Ci a.k.a Cedric held a performance and listening party Monday night for his latest album "My Story". I’m not sure if this is an upcoming release or already out because last time I heard, Jodeci was reuniting for an album. We can only cross our fingers but this pic had me dyin That's right people, he is back. And more cracked out than ever. I'm feeling so enthused about this shit that I feel the sudden urge to hit some booyah. Since I dont endulge in that type of thing I'll just let you look at human crack rocc in the flesh...... Hahahaha

(opens knapsac and looks for popeyes coupon)

*All donations will be under the table

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Osama's got Jungle fever!!

I belive the chitren'z are our future!

Hahahaha this shit is funny as hell! Osama’s former sex slave, Kola Boof (WTF!?), claims that the terrorist was obsessed with Whitney Houston:

Permalink 11:12:34, Categories: Celebrity News
Osama bin Laden Has Huge Crush On Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston has a new fan - Osama bin Laden. Kola Boof, the terrorist's former sex slave, claims in her new book that he was obsessed with the troubled How Will I Know singer. She revealed to Harpers Bazaar magazine: "He told me Whitney was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.

"He said that he had a paramount desire for her and although he claimed music was evil, he spoke of someday spending vast amounts of money to go to America and try to arrange a meeting."

Kola - who until recently wrote for soap opera The Days of Our Lives - also says Osama wanted to shower her with gifts and convert her to Islam. The 37-year-old explained: "He said he wanted to give her a mansion he owned in a suburb of Khartoum. He would say how beautiful she is, what a nice smile she has, how truly Islamic she is but is just brainwashed by American culture and by her husband - Bobby Brown, whom Osama talked about having killed, as if it were normal to have women's husbands killed."

Kola added: "He explained to me that to possess Whitney, he would be willing to break his color rule and make her one of his wives."

Ok President Bush, it looks like Whitney is the key to catching Osama’s crazy ass.

Friday, August 18, 2006

From tha WTF files....


H.A.M. of the century!!!!! Hahahahaha oh my soul this has got to be the funniest fuckin picture I have seen in a while! These white hoe's had me laughing for like a good 10 minutes if only i knew where they were from I'ma take a guess and say it's gotta be like Indianapolis or some shit like that! I'm willing to bet good money these broads dropped there 3 mulleted kids off at there mother inlaws trailer before the club. Then hopped out the 87 Chevette smellin' like Parlaments, Stawberry Hill and Exclamation perfume!!...... Oh shit im still laughing y'all I can just hear these lobster heads talkin to each other waiting in line at the club

"Gurrrrl I need to find me a fioone ass nigga tonight"

"Shit Rhonda I hurrrrd dat dare"

"Mi feets hurt already doe"

"Dont worry gurrrrl once you get some of dat Hennessy up in you you'll be fine"

"Damn we look goooood gurlllll"

"Shit nigga i'm already knowins"

Oh man this might just be the best example of some female wiggers for reals!

T.G.I.F this made my day fa sho!

Classic material

Chocolate Ceaser aka Big Daddy Kane fathered so many rappers, but here you can actually see how. Kane featuring Shyheim when he was like 7 or somethin and still the rugged child, Scoob Luva (where the fuck is Scrap?), a Sauce Money minus about 200 pounds, a much younger Camel Joe Jay-Z and the late great O.D.B.kills it on this one! A classic posse cut - "Show and Prove!" Long live the Kane he's still one of the greatest to ever pick up a mic! Can somebody tell me why he still has no deal?

Respect ya elders mayne!

She's grownin' on me!

So at first I always sayin that I wasnt feelin Ciara cuz she was tryin to be another Aaliyah clone. I've had a change of heart I guess cuz she is kinda grown on me a lot since she put LilVern Troyer Bow Wow's Capri Sun sipping ass to the curb, and even talked shit about his pamper wearin ass in the press. Sure, she's not the best vocalist in the world but to be honest either was Aaliyah. Now that she has the new hair du and not so much of a swagger jack.... Its official Ciara can get it!

Baby Wanda Sykes in full muthafuckin E.F.F.E.C.T!!!

I mean Im just sayin for the shit she does Beyonce' better watch her bacc cuz them same stale dance moves she does you know the ones where she looks likes shes havin a coniption fit and has habinero sauce in her panties? Ciara might be comin for your title!..... Get on ya game

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Payless Marbury

Introducing the Air Brokebury's

The great Tony Yayo(yeah right) once said "Girl fix your lipstick, your hair is a mess
And I know your feet hurt in them damn Payless".... well I guess he might of been talkin about Stephon Marbury's sorry ass word on the street is this New York Knick BallerBum has a new shoe droppin' But unlike the classic everyone and there mommas cuzzin must have Air Jordan's the price tag on these baby's is far from the steep gotta serve a oz on the blocc $185-200. What do they go for you ask? These Sike's are goin for a cool $15 bucks! Hahahaha you gotta be shittin' me mayne is these shit like some african bottle sandles with a star stenciled on the side?? I guess Nike, Reebok or Adidas really aint checkin for this washed up bum.

(CBS/AP) NEW YORK New York Knicks guard Stephon Marbury is putting his name behind a new pair of cheap high-tops.

The $15 shoes will be sold only at the sports apparel store Steve and Barry's.

So far the sneakers, called Starbury Ones, are getting rave reviews from their would-be owners.

Some young basketball players on a West Fourth Street court told the Daily News the shoes are comfortable and, considering the price tag, a bargain.

I just gotta see these things?

Rapper Profiling?

Well it seems like the so called "hip hop cop's" are at it again! As more details come to light about Lil Weezy F. Babys arrest in the A come to light. You can pretty much say this was just another case of being "Young , Fly and Flashy" basicly rapper profiling! Heres some of the details that MTV news put out there. This shit happens all to fuckin often and if you from L.A. it's kinda like the old addage D.W.B. (driving while black)...... Just ask Rodney King's ass!

But then again this the same guy that said:
Smoke kush all day and pop painkillers/Fuck who don’t understand it, this what the game did us - Weezy F. Baby (Please say the Baby)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bitch slap warnings are in EFFECT!

Kevin Federline has created his own record label, Federation Records, after every other record label told him to go away. His only debut album, "Playing with Fire," is expected to be released in October, and K-Fed is so optimistic, that he has wasted even more of Britney's money by shooting a video for "Lose Control."

"Kev is determined to become even more successful than his wife. But after everyone heard his first single there wasn't a music label in town interested in him."

K-Fed is like the retarded kid running with the baton licking windows he reminds me of the dude from "Theres something about Mary" .......Beans and Franks!

Someone tell this douche to sit the fuck down please! And just be happy your country bumpkin of a wife hasent cut off your Pall Mall and Pabst Blue Ribbon money.

Now go pop in your "Darrens Dance Grooves" DVD and be quite! For eveyones sake....

Ya heard???

MNF on ESPN sucks!

The end of an era!

So lastnight was the first Monday Night football game on the new ESPN format and I have to say the shit is weak! First off to me Monday Night Football just aint the same without Al Micheals commentaing! The new line up that ESPN has put together fuckin sucks, first off Mike Tirico is weak and his voice sucks then for color commentating you got Tony Kornheiser??? and sorry ass Joe Theismann and if thats not bad enough there's not one but two female sideline reporters? WTF??? Nobody wants to hear some bitch that has never even stepped on a football feild try and stummble over some questions that were obviously written for her. That shit don't make no damn sense to me back in the day there was HALL of fuckin famer's on the sidelines. Finally suck factor number three you have to PAY to get ESPN since its on cable altough it is on all basic cable services but the catch is if you want the HDTV like I do, you have to pay extra for that shit when it was just a givin' on ABC.... To quote Martin Lawrence "This bullshit ILLALDO!!" I don't see this shit lasting for more than a few seasons over on ESPN the shit just aint the same no more.

Welcome to Monday Night Snoozeball.....

Friday, August 11, 2006

"Thats L.A. Shit!"

Yet again the rest of the good ole U. S of A. is jockin L.A. shit! I truley think the rest of the country is fasinated with California but L.A. in perticular gang culture I mean to quote Ice Cube "I started this gangsta shit and this the muthafuckin thanks I get?" I just felt I had to speak on it cuz I read so much shit like this! The shit just kills me how we always get shit talked about us yet most of the country mocks what we do! I mean come on how many videos have you seen cats rockin flags(bandanas), rollin lo-lo's, havin straps and just just all around "Sweat'n all the bitches"? To goddamn many thats for sho... I mean come on almost EVERY video coming from down south has these elements in the video, now there is a suposed explosion of Bloods in New York. I mean even dirt bag ass Jenny Jim Jones made the video "Certified Gangstas" where he was actually dressed up as the late Eazy and copied the classic L.A. gangsta flick Menace II Sociey! Can we get a fuckin thank you?? I mean come on I'd say 99% of rap music coming out nowadays is on some gangsta/hood/dope slanging shit! Don't get me wrong I know there is hoods in every state of the union but damn think about it.... WE STARTED THIS GANGSTA SHIT!

"I love New York but gangbanging that's L.A. shit" - Game

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mo Music tid-bits

Rapper Young City has been arrested for an armed robbery charge he picked up as a juvenile.

Former Ultramagnetic MCs member Kool Keith, more widely known today as "Dr. Octagon," announced his national tour Wednesday (Aug. 9). The outing will kick off tomorrow (Aug.10) at the famous Abbey Pub in Chicago. (see dates)

You can peep out a new interview with Joey Buddens here and see what the East coast underdog has to say!

Goofy Genius?

"Runnnn bitch he gon keel you!"

So its Thursday and I was doin my morning blog rundown and came across a post that had a little something about "Super producer" Scott Storch. I have to give it up to dude he has deffinetly created some super bangers through out the years but as I look at some of his flicks I have to say this mothafucka is the goofiest looking mo-fo I think I have ever seen! He looks so out of place in most of the flicks I was able to Google, he's like worse than B-Rad from Malibu's Most Wanted he the typical little jew boy that got some guap for his bar mitzvah and decided to get on chilly willie status. So in conclusion I'm just sayin I definetly think some people are better be heard and not seen?

I'm just sayin...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fuck this guy!

Man FUCK Justin Timerlake! Hes pretty much raping urban culture for his own fuckin benifit hes like the new mellenium Elvis! Look at the the blatant bite of Mos Defs "New Danger" cover:

"I'm the ultimate swagger jacker!!!

Mos Def "New Danger" Released in 2004

This fuckin prick needs to get the fuck out of OUR culture, music and style this one time sissy mousecateer now thinks he has some kind of ghetto pass.... wrong....WRONG!* On another note Timbaland should be ashamed of himself for giving this prick beats! I mean come on bru you already guaped up I know you don't need a check that bad? Lets not forget this is the same cat that brought you the soulful "Bye Bye Bye" and "POP"! Like I said let's not forget where this fool comes from! In this era of manufatured artist/groups this is all we need, another slave owner raping our culture for there benefits even the albums new title is very Original Outkast-esque I mean come on "Future sex/ Love sounds" Like that aint nothing like "Speakerboxx/ The Love below"

I mean this is just one mans opinion that fell in love with HIP HOP culture at the age of ten

* Charlie Murphy stylee

Thanks for the memories!

After an illustrious career that spanned nearly 20 years, Scarface recently vowed to never record another solo album.

Though Rap-A-Lot Records has released three Scarface albums in the past three years: 2003's My Balls and My Word, 2004's My Homies and 2006's My Homies Pt.2, the legendary Houston, TX lyricist says 2002's The Fix was his last solo recording. No more classics here. Mr. Scarface says he'll never record solo material again.

"I'm not gon' rap no more at all. Shit, this is not a good business to be in. I'm sure Rap-A-Lot will be releasing a lot of stuff that I did earlier or make stuff. After Rap-A-Lot released My Balls And My Word I knew I wasn't never do another album again. They just took my old songs, changed the beats and...all that shit that never came out. Just like the My Homies shit, I didn't do that," Face explained to "The Fix was my last album. I'll never record again. I'll fuck with my group. Another solo album, no? That [album with] Tupac stuff, all that shit I hear about, I ain't got shit to do with that."

Face now plans on focusing on production. He produced several tracks on One Hunnid, from his group The Product and has been tapped to contribute to UGK's upcoming album. But Face isn't a newcomer to the boards, he's been producing for years.

"I did a whole bunch of shit that people just tagged their name on. I did the 'My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me' beat. I did 'I've Seen A Man Died.' I did my whole first album, [Mr. Scarface Is Back]" Face revealed. "My whole career I've been doing it. I've been making a lot beats, man that people have been taking credit for, making it look like they the producer and I'm just sitting there."

This is the REAL king of the south to me!

Cuzzins by tha dozens!





Hahahaha.... Im just sayin??

Swagger jacked from (Dallas Pen)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

While you were sleepin'...My top 100 most slept on albums!

This just some shit that I had on my mind.... This is for all you little herbs that wear "I LOVE HIP HOP" t-shirts.... To quote KRS "you must learn" I'm sure all the little wanna be hipster/hip hop heads dont know nothing about half these joints right here now some of these albums wernt super dope all the way through but all had at least 4 or 5 certified bangers on them but most were just slept on due the industry rule 4080 record company people are shadyyyy! So most got little or NO push or promotion, and some just got lost in translation when the industry was blinded by the bling!!!........I'm layin it out for you the BLUEPRINT! go learn........FRESH FOR 2006! suckaz!

1. '93 Til Infinity - Souls of Mischief
2. Breaking Atoms - Main Source
3. Uptown Saturday Night - Camp Lo
4. No One Can Do It Better - The D.O.C.
5. I Wish My Brother George Was Here - Del the Funkee Homosapien
6. A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - Black Sheep
7. Illadelph Halflife - The Roots
8. The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World - Keith Murray
9. Here Come the Lords - Lords of the Underground
10. Foundation - Brand Nubian
11. Thug Life - Thug Life
12. Tougher than Leather - Run DMC
13. Capital Punishment - Big Pun
14. Eyes On This - MC Lyte
15. Mecca and the Soul Brother - Pete Rock & CL Smooth
16. Comin' Out Hard - Eightball & MJG
17. Business Never Personal - EPMD
18. ATLiens - Outkast
19. Eazy Duz It - Eazy E
20. The Love Movement - A Tribe Called Quest
21. Da Art of Storytellin' - Slick Rick
22. Liquid Swords - GZA/Genius
23. The Fix - Scarface
24. Watermelon, Chicken, & Grits - Nappy Roots
25. Aziatic - AZ
26. Still Standing - Goodie MOB
27. Quik Is the Name - DJ Quik
28. Enta Da Stage - Black Moon
29. Derelicts of Dialect - 3rd Bass
30. Station Identification - Channel Live
31. Done By the Forces of Nature - Jungle Brothers
32. Poverty's Paradise - Naughty By Nature
33. Dere Iz A Dark Side - Redman
34. Sun Rises In the East - Jeru Da Damaja
35. Runaway Slave - Showbiz & A.G.
36. Deltron 3030 - Deltron 3030
37. Soul Food - Goodie MOB
38. Dr. Octagonecologyst - Dr. Octogon
39. Gorillaz - Gorillaz
40. And the Winner Is... - Chubb Rock
41. Bacdafucup - Onyx
42. 21 and Over - Tha Alkaholiks
43. Ain't A Damn Thing Changed - Nice & Smooth
44. Lost Tapes - Nas
45. Tical - Method Man
46. A Future Without A Past - Leaders of the New School
47. Blue Funk - Heavy D and the Boyz
48. Organized Konfusion - Organized Konfusion
49. The Master - Rakim
50. Kollage - Bahamadia
51. Ridin' Dirty - UGK
52. War Report - Capone-N-Noreaga
53. 613: Ashy to Classy - Field Mob
54. Ironman - Ghostface Killah
55. Trap Muzik - T.I.
56. The Album - Questionmark Asylum
57. Do You Want More?!? - The Roots
58. Scorpion - Eve
59. Same As It Ever Was - House of Pain
60. Ain't No Shame In My Game - Candyman
61. The Natural - Mic Geronimo
62. Stone Cold Rhymin' - Young MC
63. No Mercy - Da Youngstas
64. Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1 - Guru
65. Internal Affairs - Pharoach Monche
66. Holy Intellect - Poor Righteous Teachers
67. Kwame: The Boy Genius - Featuring A New Beginning-Kwame
68. A Prince Among Theives - Prince Paul
69. Thugs Are Us - Trick Daddy
70. The Ruler's Back - Slick Rick
71. 400 Degreez - Juvenile
72. Death Is Certain - Royce Da 5'9
73. Guerillas In the Mist - Da Lench Mob
74. Sleeping With the Enemy - Paris
75. Steal This Album - The Coup
76. Shock of the Hour - MC Ren
77. The 18th Letter - Rakim
78. Dead Serious - Das EFX
79. Home - Spearhead
80. Sons of the P - Digital Underground
81. Youngest In Charge - Special Ed
82. No Pressure - Erick Sermon
83. Fantastic, Vol. 2 - Slum Village
84. Philadelphia Freeway - Freeway
85. First Family 4 Life - M.O.P.
86. Escape - Whodini
87. Attack of the Attacking Things - Jean Grae
88. Industry Shakedown - Bumpy Knuckles (Freddie Foxxx)
89. Blowout Comb - Digable Planets
90. Behind the Front - The Black Eyed Peas
91. Fruits of Nature - U.M.C.s
92. Hello Nasty - the Beastie Boys
93. 2nd II None - 2nd II None
94. Gravity - Da Bush Babees
95. Dah Shinin' - Smif-N-Wessun
96. Cee-Lo Green Is the Soul Machine - Cee-Lo
97. Broken Silence - Foxy Brown
98. Jealous One's Envy - Fat Joe
99. The Ecleftic: II Sides to a Book - Wyclef Jean
100. Close To You - Father MC

This is just one mans opinion so if you aint feelin my selections....... eat a dick up till ya hiccup!

Broadcasting live from tha gutta...

Tha Kay Double Eazy

Friday, August 04, 2006

"Like oh mah gawd Becky look at her butt!"

In my never ending search for answers on white girls I will now pose a few questions if any one out there came help me with the answers it would be much appreciated!...

1. How come white chicks ALL say they "Only smoke when they drink?"

2. Why is it that most white chicks drive Jettas, Gtis, Rabbits or Beetles?

3. What is so fuckin cool about abercrombie and fitch shit?....I really dont get that?

4. Why are breast implants more important than college?

5. Is it manditory to have a "sexy", "Goddess", "spoiled", "roxy" or "bitch" sticker on the back window or your car?........Usually a jetta!

7. Why are there so many white chick strippers in Vegas?

8. How come there are SO few white chicks with ASS!!!?

9. Why is Lake Havasu like a pass to lose ya damn mind get naked and drunk as possible off of Coors lite...then act like its all good?

10. What is the fasination with the tattooed "bros" who think they are a superthug yet live in Anehiem?..... every Buffy profile i read is searching for...and I quote "A tattooed white boy"

Well this is just few questions I have been pondering after browsing many Buffy...opps i mean white girls profiles on Myspace?

Be easy

KaiGOTTI....Im trying to strengthen community relations!

Hair care products...

AOL B.V. Top 11 Jeri Curl videos!

Hahahahaha...This is brillent why didn't I think of this? Man I dont know how they didn't add Hi-C though? How can you not include the seminal hit "Leave My Curl Alone"

Slackin on ya pimpin' mayne

Jus "Me & U"...and deez nuttz!

So I know by now everyone has seen the Cassie video of "Me & U" over on BET or MTV. The video is basicly her dancing with herself in the mirror of a dance studio and what not... It's a pretty lame video concept for a fairly decent R&B song. Well the original version of the song wasnt so tame! Here's the original version before she was signed I like how its on some teenage prostitution shit! I always knew this song had a deeper meaning even this dude broke it down on his blog

She's way hotter now!!! now that I know she's all about the boss up!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Throwbacc Thursday!

Man this brings bacc memories of just ditchin' high school, boostin a couple ball's of Ides then rollin to the homies pad to fuck wit all the bitches in the biker shorts!

Ahhhh nostalgia...


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Primetime muthafuckaz....

.....In the age of the super wack T.V. sitcoms muthafuckin Entourage is the fuckin shit and Ari Gold fuckin rules!!!..... I could pretty much quote him all day long! This is most definetly the best show on T.V.!

"Hug it out....Bitch"

25 and never sucked worse!

In it's hey day!

So MTV turns 25 years old today and the once dope everything music channel has never sucked worse! Man I used to rush home to watch Yo MTV Rap's back in the day that shit was ill man all my favorite rappers whose music I was always bumping now had another outlet. We could see them in flesh and blood Fab Five Freddy would take us to there hoods have them show us were they grew up what inspired them and everything! The shit was ILL not to mention there was always great hip hop! Ted Demme (R.I.P.) was definetly ahead of his time when he created that show for reals "YO"! That show went off the air in 1995 I was crushed/pissed and MTV has never been the same since, Fastforward 11 years and now the only thing remotely celebrating Hip Hop is wack ass Direct Effect which showcases pretty much all the wack ass payola records that evey other station plays. Not to mention all the other absolutly ricdiculious shows they play now "my super sweet 16", "The hills", "Made" Etc Etc. So in closing I guess Happy Birthday but it's sort of bitter sweet kind of like when you have to go to the party of someone you really aint like.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

D - Day!....

So it's finally almost here..... Thats right say it with me ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL??? Man I know I sho the fuck am cuz if i have to sit around and watch one more god damn boring ass Dodger game I might have to knocc off the corna Quick N Split and get on a highspeed with L.A.'s finest just to put some damn excitement in my life. So make your alliances now i know I'm gonna see like 40,000 NEW Steelers fans as soon as I hit the local spots cuz thats just how these shape shifters roll..... No damn loyalty what so ever! You already know who I'm rollin wit tho

Take us to the promise land mayne!

Ya smell me?..... We'll see ya in the playoffs fa sho!!!

Summatyme in tha 8!

Oh man gotta love summatyme in the ghetto where else could you find such Ghetto Fabulious *H.A.M. hock headz??.....(chunks a duce sangin summatyme in the LBC)

* hot ass mess