Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stay Puff Marshmellow Man....

If you haven't heard the 50 cent diss to Diddy yet check it here.Sounds like he's kinda pissed about the Mase deal not going down with Puff. I don't get how come he's so mad about wack ass Mase in the fuckin first place. But anyways, in the diss 50 makes sure to let everybody know that G-Unit IS hip-hop (BAWHAHAHA)....oh sorry had to laugh, and Puff aint shit. 50 said Puff knows damn well who killed Biggie. He then talks about how he doesn't want to do a deal anymore, let alone go to his annual white party. And I quote,

"I don't wanna hang out with ya punk ass no way...I'll fuck yo shit up...Is you cazy nigga?"

And to top it all off, 50 said he's threatening to tell everybody what Misa (Puff's baby momma) supposedly told him. I'm sure that has something to do with those DL rumors floatin' around about Diddy.

So Puff hit up Hot 97 yesterday playing it cool about this whole diss record. He said 50's still invited to the white party and there are no hard feelings.... hahahaha No hard feelings??? WTF is that? Grow some fuckin balls you hoe ass trick you wanna be in this rap game so damn bad do what rappers do! Hire one of your ghostwriters and get at this fool!! As lame as I think Fiddy is personally I give it up to dude cuz he pulls no punches what so ever.... He's quick to jump on a track and talk much shit!


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