Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Myspace vs Black Planet?

So as of late your friendly neighbor hood playa potna has been back to fuckin with Black Planet which is pretty much the first "social networking" website that I was introduced to back in like 03'. Now after fuckin with Myspace "TOUGH" for like 4 years I gotta say BP is definitely tryin to make a comeback. Now each of these meat markets have there pro's and con's cuz it seems that when I do a search in "my" area on BP i come up with a GANG of BBW's or straight up scallywags. I mean dont get me wrong there are a few bitches who look like there winning but for the most part... minimal talent on that bitch. Now Myspace on the other hand seems to be every other broad is tryin to be Americas Next Top Model that post 3425657836458697 bulletins about how they are gonna be signing there calenders at Carl's Rib Shack on Sunday! So is it just that people are more real and actual people on BP and a gang of frauds on Myspace? I don't know maybe I am way off base but I'm just sayin? Let me hear some opinion's cuz I'm curioussssss like Midnight Star!


Blogger this is me: come experince Jenny's triogly said...

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10:42 AM  
Blogger this is me: come experince Jenny's triogly said...

Myspace came up cause people arent going to put money into a site named BLACK PLANET! its just not going to happen!
I think Myspace has better tech. than BP. I think thats why people use it alot for "business"
Whatever the case may be. BP to ME was super wack, and alot of the people were scary! haha

and im mad that you sad BBW's hahaha. whoa.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Moe Greene said...

I blasted so many hoes off of black planet it's crazy. Back in '03, I even made a webpage dedicated to it. Some of them bitches were scallywags, but a more than half were top notch wife material. I miss them days.

3:38 PM  

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