Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bitch slap warnings are in EFFECT!

Kevin Federline has created his own record label, Federation Records, after every other record label told him to go away. His only debut album, "Playing with Fire," is expected to be released in October, and K-Fed is so optimistic, that he has wasted even more of Britney's money by shooting a video for "Lose Control."

"Kev is determined to become even more successful than his wife. But after everyone heard his first single there wasn't a music label in town interested in him."

K-Fed is like the retarded kid running with the baton licking windows he reminds me of the dude from "Theres something about Mary" .......Beans and Franks!

Someone tell this douche to sit the fuck down please! And just be happy your country bumpkin of a wife hasent cut off your Pall Mall and Pabst Blue Ribbon money.

Now go pop in your "Darrens Dance Grooves" DVD and be quite! For eveyones sake....

Ya heard???


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