Friday, August 04, 2006

"Like oh mah gawd Becky look at her butt!"

In my never ending search for answers on white girls I will now pose a few questions if any one out there came help me with the answers it would be much appreciated!...

1. How come white chicks ALL say they "Only smoke when they drink?"

2. Why is it that most white chicks drive Jettas, Gtis, Rabbits or Beetles?

3. What is so fuckin cool about abercrombie and fitch shit?....I really dont get that?

4. Why are breast implants more important than college?

5. Is it manditory to have a "sexy", "Goddess", "spoiled", "roxy" or "bitch" sticker on the back window or your car?........Usually a jetta!

7. Why are there so many white chick strippers in Vegas?

8. How come there are SO few white chicks with ASS!!!?

9. Why is Lake Havasu like a pass to lose ya damn mind get naked and drunk as possible off of Coors lite...then act like its all good?

10. What is the fasination with the tattooed "bros" who think they are a superthug yet live in Anehiem?..... every Buffy profile i read is searching for...and I quote "A tattooed white boy"

Well this is just few questions I have been pondering after browsing many Buffy...opps i mean white girls profiles on Myspace?

Be easy

KaiGOTTI....Im trying to strengthen community relations!


Anonymous Karen - BKQN said...

I have ONE question For U KWON!!!!!!!!!!

What Kinda Girls Do U date?? HUH? HUH?? HUH???!


11:10 AM  

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