Thursday, August 16, 2007

More proof inbreeding is bad...

Some backwoods ass South Carolina man is trying to hit Micheal Vick with a 63 Billion dollar lawsuit! This crazy muthafucka need to stop drankin that prison wine

South Carolina Inmate Hits Michael Vick With '$63,000,000,000 Billion Dollar' Lawsuit Alleging Al Qaeda Ties(read more)

Now walk with me people is prison really the best spot for this fuckin loony tune?.... I'm just sayin'

Read the HAND written lawsuit here

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

NOT so Underground Kingz

Billboard Kingz and it's been along time comin'! If you don't have this it album please drop ya bad ass kid at ya mommas house and hit the nearest Best Buy! This muthafucka is a double album with 26 tracks and 95% of the album slaps!

After a five-year absence from The Billboard 200, UGK returns to the tally in a big way as "Underground Kingz" debuts at No. 1. The hip-hop troupe's first chart-topper, the Jive set moved 160,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan, the best sales week ever for UGK and its members, Bun B and Pimp C. UGK's previous charting and sales best came with 2001's "Dirty Money," which bowed at No. 18 with 98,000.(read more)

And just for the record the unequivocal 79 Minute Album of The Year looks something like this:

1. Swishas And Dosha
2. Int’l Players Anthem f/ Outkast
3. Chrome Plated Woman
4. Life Is 2009 f/ Too Short
5. The Game Belongs To Me
6. Like That (Remix)
7. Gravy
8. Grind Hard f/ Young TOE & DJ B-Do
9. Quit Hatin’ The South f/ Charlie Wilson and Willie D
10. Trill Niggaz Don’t Die f/ Z-Ro
11. How Long Can It Last f/ Charlie Wilson
12. Still Ridin’ Dirty
13. Cocaine f/ Rick Ross
14. Two Type Of Bitches f/ Dizzee Rascal & Pimpin’ Ken
15. Shattered Dreams
16. Living This Life

So there are 4 hip hop albums in the TOP 10 of the charts.... Thats a good look mayne!

Smoke somthin' bitch........

A hairy situation!

The good folks over at AOL Fanhouse have put this together.... NFL Hair! Hahaha man some of these fools are really trippin!

I'm just sayin'

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's 2007 ain't it????

I just came across this story over on my fellow blogger CL spot and have to say this is the first time I have even heard on this event goin down!

Last fall in Jena, Louisiana, the day after two Black high school students sat beneath the “white tree” on their campus, nooses were hung from the tree. When the superintendent dismissed the nooses as a “prank,” more Black students sat under the tree in protest. The District Attorney then came to the school accompanied by the town’s police and demanded that the students end their protest, telling them, “I can be your best friend or your worst enemy… I can take away your lives with a stroke of my pen.” A series of white-on-black incidents of violence followed, and the DA did nothing. But when a white student was beaten up in a schoolyard fight, the DA responded by charging six black students with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

In 2007 this shit is re-fuckin-dic-u-lious! I can whole heartily say that I myself have never experienced this type of shit being that I'm from a very diverse metropolis like Los Angeles but I couldn't even fathom having to deal with this fuckin madness I would catch a few 187's fuck just attempted! The families of these young men are fighting back, but the story has gotten minimal press. Together, we can make sure their story is told and that the Governor of Louisiana intervenes and provides justice for the Jena 6.

Fight the power! and sign this petition:


Talkin Wreckless....

I just gotta give it up to David banner for not holding his tongue and sayin' what most cats in the hood always thought. These muthafuckin so called Minority leaders aint nothing but frauds and it's not just Al Sharpton it's all these muthafuckaz gettin rich off OUR poor and unfortunate!

"The next time you see Al Sharpton, tell him I said @#*$ him and he can suck my dick," an animated David Banner exclaimed. "I might change the name of my album from The Greatest Story Never Told to @#*$ Al Sharpton. I hate Al Sharpton. This is the kind of @#!* that I'm talking about. They're killing kids in New Jersey and all across the country and all a @#*$% got to talk about is rap lyrics? @#*$ that about they're our elders and we gotta respect them. I'm tired of this. They're like the parents, but the parents are crucifying the kids. (Read More)

The coldest thing about this whole thing is that David Banner walks the walk AND talks the talk! He is one of the few artist of today that give huge amounts back to the hood I give this guy all the credit in the world for being such a stand up guy. So I will stand up and tell all these false profits to eat a dick as well!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

One more reason I hate Derek Jeter

In the immortal words of Bernie Mack "Yousumaofvabitch!".... I just happen to see this blog that Derek Jeter gave my future ex-baby mama who I would demand alimony from Herpes! DAMN , DAMN ,DAMN!!!! Say it aint so please baby Jesus in the tuxedo t-shirt say it aint so! Yet just one more reason I hate everything Yankee!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fuck tha haters....756!

Barry Bonds is now the all-time leading home run hitter in Major League Baseball history....Point blank period! So for all the haters out there who say he cheated go on and fuck yourselves! While there have been many "Allegations" it has never been proven that Barry juiced? I mean last time I check this is the United States where people are innocent till proven guilty right? This is kinda the same thing that everyone is doin to Micheal Vick as we speak! Let that man have his day in court before you crucify his ass..... I'm just sayin'