Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fuck this guy!

Man FUCK Justin Timerlake! Hes pretty much raping urban culture for his own fuckin benifit hes like the new mellenium Elvis! Look at the the blatant bite of Mos Defs "New Danger" cover:

"I'm the ultimate swagger jacker!!!

Mos Def "New Danger" Released in 2004

This fuckin prick needs to get the fuck out of OUR culture, music and style this one time sissy mousecateer now thinks he has some kind of ghetto pass.... wrong....WRONG!* On another note Timbaland should be ashamed of himself for giving this prick beats! I mean come on bru you already guaped up I know you don't need a check that bad? Lets not forget this is the same cat that brought you the soulful "Bye Bye Bye" and "POP"! Like I said let's not forget where this fool comes from! In this era of manufatured artist/groups this is all we need, another slave owner raping our culture for there benefits even the albums new title is very Original Outkast-esque I mean come on "Future sex/ Love sounds" Like that aint nothing like "Speakerboxx/ The Love below"

I mean this is just one mans opinion that fell in love with HIP HOP culture at the age of ten

* Charlie Murphy stylee


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