Friday, August 18, 2006

She's grownin' on me!

So at first I always sayin that I wasnt feelin Ciara cuz she was tryin to be another Aaliyah clone. I've had a change of heart I guess cuz she is kinda grown on me a lot since she put LilVern Troyer Bow Wow's Capri Sun sipping ass to the curb, and even talked shit about his pamper wearin ass in the press. Sure, she's not the best vocalist in the world but to be honest either was Aaliyah. Now that she has the new hair du and not so much of a swagger jack.... Its official Ciara can get it!

Baby Wanda Sykes in full muthafuckin E.F.F.E.C.T!!!

I mean Im just sayin for the shit she does Beyonce' better watch her bacc cuz them same stale dance moves she does you know the ones where she looks likes shes havin a coniption fit and has habinero sauce in her panties? Ciara might be comin for your title!..... Get on ya game


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