Monday, July 31, 2006

I STILL love her....

So yo I was just finishing unpacking from my intercity move and as I was goin thru my music collection, and came to this conclusion... I have alot of shit homie, pretty much like 17 years of collecting records!!! Heres my top 50.....Any avid hip hop lover should own all these fo real!!


1. De La Soul: 3 feet high and rising
2. NWA: Straight outta Compton
3. Dr Dre: The Chronic
4. Public Enemy: Takes A Nation Of Millions to hold us back
5. Ice T: Rhyme Pays
6. Dj Quik: Quik is the name
7. Stetsonic: In full gear
8. EPMD: Strictly Business
9. Gangstarr: Step in the area
10. Kool G Rap: Road to riches
11. Ultramagnetic MC's: Critical beatdown
12. Snoop Dogg: Doggystyle
13. Aaliyah: Aaliyah
14. Sade: Love Deluxe...(ok this is fuckin music but hey I love this Album)
15. Run DMC: Greatest Hits
16. Beastie Boys: Pauls Botique
17. LL Cool J: Radio
18. Slick Rick: The great adventures of Slick Rick
19. BDP: Criminal Minded
20. Tribe Called Quest: Low End Theroy
21. Eric B & Rakim: Paid in full
22. Dogg Pound: Dogg Food
23. Ice Cube: Amerikkkas most wanted
24. The Roots: Things fall apart
25. Outkast: Southernplayalistikcadillacmuzik
26. Biggie: Ready to die
27. Mary J Blige: Whats the 411
28. Brand Nubian: All for one
29. Ice Cube: Death Certificate
30. Wu Tang Clan: Enter the 36 Chambers
31. Nas: Illmatic
32. Freestyle Fellowship: Inner City Griots
33. Mos Def: Black on both sides
34. Pharcyde: Bizzar ride to the Pharcyde
35. Jodeci: Forever my lady...(again fuckin music but a great album)
36. Jay-Z: Reasonable Doubt
37. Geto Boys: The Geto Boys
38. Mobb Deep: The Infamous
39. Funky 4+1: That’s The Joint
40. Tupac: All Eyez On Me
41. Biz Markie: Goin Off
42. Masta ACE: Sittin On Chrome
43. Dr Dre: 2001
44. Gap band: Gap Gold...(not hip hop persae' but still the bomb)
45. Comptons Most Wanted: It’s a Compton Thang
46. Tupac: Me against The world
47. Redman: Whut? Thee Album
48. The D.O.C.: No one Can do it better
49. Alkaholiks: 21 & Over
50: Main Source: Breakin Atoms

I could actually go on and on because *I AM HIP HOP!! But I'll leave it at an even 50!


(*this term should only be used if your over 30)

Reason #736 why I love the ghetto

In post Katrina Na'Lins you got this this lobster head runnin around puttin an half of a mill ticket up in his mouth! Now im not sure how much his has vested in the city that pretty much afforded him the lifstyle he so enjoys....but to me the shit is just plain "Iggnant"!!

Yet another Monday....

Well I guess this my first "Official" blog entry here, and as the new kid on the blocc I really am not feeling Mondays one goddamn bit! Anyways I smoked at least 12 blunts this weekend so my mind set really aint what it should be so I'll just have to leave something silly.....

I'll be around....

Friday, July 28, 2006

On some new shit!

Yo this is my first post on this new shit that the homie put me up on..... so heres al little bit about this young Cali boy:

Fitted L.A. hats, Vintage Nikes, Gucci sidekicks, Designer sunglasses, $1.50 40's of O.E., Strippers that conversate, Louis Vuitton bags, .40 cals, Fur bomber jackets, Mean streaks, Old School HIP HOP, The smell of Krylon, Mac's, Ipod, Big Jewelz, Chrome feet, The Golden Tail, Barbary Coast, Roscoes chicken and waffles, Vegas, Dope belt buckles, $40 eigths, Dog tags, Gold grillz, big butts, 2xist wife beats, 818 Cartel stickers, Sick denim, XXXLT white tees, SP1200's, MPC 2000's, Air Jordans, The Wet Spot, NYC in the summer, Soul Music, Slauson Supermall, Hennessy XO, Moet white star, 42" chains on swang, 100 spoke daytons, Hollywood Park dollar night, Hair weaves, fresh nails, Rubberband man, Vinyl, Vestex 05, Anvil cases, Gangsta Rap, BBQ, Graffiti, Bacon wrapped hot dog cart, Carne Asada, Tattoo's, Wood grain wheels, Peach Optimos, Lika Stoe, Nag Champa,DVD collection, Kung Fu fliks, diamond earings, Sunday brunch......and oh yeah did i mention I LOVE BEER and Fly Honey dips!

Anyways I'm still new to this Blogger shit so just bare wit me. I promise to keep you up on facets of.... (to quote m.c. Eiht) "Grownin' up in the hood"

~Stay Tuned~