Friday, August 11, 2006

"Thats L.A. Shit!"

Yet again the rest of the good ole U. S of A. is jockin L.A. shit! I truley think the rest of the country is fasinated with California but L.A. in perticular gang culture I mean to quote Ice Cube "I started this gangsta shit and this the muthafuckin thanks I get?" I just felt I had to speak on it cuz I read so much shit like this! The shit just kills me how we always get shit talked about us yet most of the country mocks what we do! I mean come on how many videos have you seen cats rockin flags(bandanas), rollin lo-lo's, havin straps and just just all around "Sweat'n all the bitches"? To goddamn many thats for sho... I mean come on almost EVERY video coming from down south has these elements in the video, now there is a suposed explosion of Bloods in New York. I mean even dirt bag ass Jenny Jim Jones made the video "Certified Gangstas" where he was actually dressed up as the late Eazy and copied the classic L.A. gangsta flick Menace II Sociey! Can we get a fuckin thank you?? I mean come on I'd say 99% of rap music coming out nowadays is on some gangsta/hood/dope slanging shit! Don't get me wrong I know there is hoods in every state of the union but damn think about it.... WE STARTED THIS GANGSTA SHIT!

"I love New York but gangbanging that's L.A. shit" - Game


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