Tuesday, August 15, 2006

MNF on ESPN sucks!

The end of an era!

So lastnight was the first Monday Night football game on the new ESPN format and I have to say the shit is weak! First off to me Monday Night Football just aint the same without Al Micheals commentaing! The new line up that ESPN has put together fuckin sucks, first off Mike Tirico is weak and his voice sucks then for color commentating you got Tony Kornheiser??? and sorry ass Joe Theismann and if thats not bad enough there's not one but two female sideline reporters? WTF??? Nobody wants to hear some bitch that has never even stepped on a football feild try and stummble over some questions that were obviously written for her. That shit don't make no damn sense to me back in the day there was HALL of fuckin famer's on the sidelines. Finally suck factor number three you have to PAY to get ESPN since its on cable altough it is on all basic cable services but the catch is if you want the HDTV like I do, you have to pay extra for that shit when it was just a givin' on ABC.... To quote Martin Lawrence "This bullshit ILLALDO!!" I don't see this shit lasting for more than a few seasons over on ESPN the shit just aint the same no more.

Welcome to Monday Night Snoozeball.....


Anonymous IshaMo Hooollmessss said...

you fuckin sexist pig!

1:54 PM  

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