Thursday, August 24, 2006

The feed K-Ci Fund*

"For just 30 cents a day you can feed this nigga!!!"

Who knew K-Ci had an album?.....*crickets*

Well K-Ci a.k.a Cedric held a performance and listening party Monday night for his latest album "My Story". I’m not sure if this is an upcoming release or already out because last time I heard, Jodeci was reuniting for an album. We can only cross our fingers but this pic had me dyin That's right people, he is back. And more cracked out than ever. I'm feeling so enthused about this shit that I feel the sudden urge to hit some booyah. Since I dont endulge in that type of thing I'll just let you look at human crack rocc in the flesh...... Hahahaha

(opens knapsac and looks for popeyes coupon)

*All donations will be under the table


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