Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fuck tha po-po's!

Man leave Snoop alone already I swear these crooked ass cops got vendetta against Big Snoop Dogg. Seems he managed to get himself gaffled up one mo again.

Rapper Snoop Dogg was arrested Tuesday night for allegedly possessing drugs and a firearm. Detectives from the Burbank Police Department served a search warrant on Snoop, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, outside NBC studios in Burbank at approximately 7:30 p.m. this evening. Police say they found the rapper in possession of cocaine, a firearm and a large amount of marijuana. He was also cited for allegedly having a false compartment in his vehicle.(read more)

Muthafuckin punk police just can't let my man alone, Snoop has got to be one of the most layed back cats on the planet. So my dude puffs green big fuckin deal mayne.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

To Late Asshat!

KKKramer had the internet goin nuts this past weekend with his racial tirade he threw down at the Laugh Factory this past Friday. The shit was even caught on tape and dude totally lost it on some shermhead type shit! (peep the video here)

Well now it seems the dumbass wants to apologize since his already shit can career is really in the toilet

"You know, I'’m really busted up over this and I'’m very, very sorry to those people in the audience, the blacks, the Hispanics, whites – everyone that was there that took the brunt of that anger and hate and rage and how it came through, and I'’m concerned about more hate and more rage and more anger coming through, not just towards me but towards a black/white conflict"

Well how bout apology not accepted you fuckin douche bag! As a matter of fact I think it should be on, on site and once you have received the ass whoopin of a lifetime folks might consider letting you back in Popeyes ya punk bitch!

Monday, November 20, 2006

This is why....

Jay-Z is better than your favorite MC!

The ambition of a hustler knows no boundaries, so it should be no surprise that hip-hop's biggest move maker, Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, has his mind set on thumbing his nose at exhaustion, logistics and good old-fashioned normalcy.
It's hard to think of another artist who would fly to seven cities in 20-something hours, performing concerts at all sites. And Jay-Z — whose latest record, Kingdom Come (due Tuesday), finds him likening himself to the Man of Steel — loves to be the first to do things. So while most Americans raked leaves or watched football, he spent his weekend (November 18-19) on the Hangar Tour, performing in Atlanta; Philadelphia; Washington, D.C.; New York; Chicago; Los Angeles; and finally Las Vegas. From the wee hours of Saturday morning in the Dirty South to the wee hours of Sunday morning in Sin City, from the G5 jet to the limos to the stages, MTV News was right by his side. Fasten your safety belts — we're ready for takeoff!

First Stop: Atlanta
1:30 a.m. Fans are lined up outside Atlanta's Center Stage, waiting to see Jay-Z. Some of them have lawn chairs and blankets. They'd better bundle up; it's going to be a long wait. (read more)

Thats some shit right there 26 hours and 4000 miles of just rockin shit! What a fuckin life this dude has the man is super paid has the baddest bitch in the industry! What more can you ask for? I'm bout to set off on my own tour of beat up strip clubs, dive bars and C rated diners! Yes PEOPLE I'm that MAJOR!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Give up tha goods or get sprayed!...btw Merry X-Mas

I remember back when I was a shorty my older brother had this shit that said something along the lines of "Moneys tight times are hard....So here's your fuckin Christmas card!" Now that shit was funny but these muthafuckas are taking it one step further!.... I shit you not the above greeting card is one of there actual products.

Ghetto Greetings

I'm almost positive these cats would hire my smart ass to do some card slogans for that ass!.... Best of all it's not just Christmas cards, My personal favorites are the "Lockdown" ones...Classic material indeed.

Guess Who's Bizzzzacc?

Well now that Mista Hova has jumped both feet bacc into the MC game. I guess he felt there were some issues that needed addressing, Firstly Dipset and Linus um I mean Jim Jones dusty ass. This is the diss he threw out there on the "BALLLLLLLLIN/We fly high" beat, I for one personally thought he would of come a little harder? He does kinda get at Dame and Cam to but I will let y'all judge for ya damn selves though.

Jay-Z "Brooklyn High"

I will say this though the cover artwork is fuckin classic! Thanks to the homies over at The Smoking Section

Iron Mike Trick'n?

Now I thought the OJ Simpson story that I posted a couple days ago was way the fuck out... But this shit has slipped right past the realm of reality straight into fuckin bizarre!

Former boxing champion Mike Tyson is to become a male escort after agreeing to work at legendary Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss' new legalized brothel for women. Fleiss bought 60 acres of land in Nevada, and his work is scheduled to begin on Heidi's Stud Farm.

She has high hopes for Tyson, once heavyweight champion of the world - despite the fact he is a convicted rapist.

She says, "I told him, 'You're going to be my big stallion.' It's every man's fear that their girlfriend will go for Mike Tyson."

Tyson, 40, adds, "I don't care what any man says, it's every man's dream to please every woman - and get paid for it."

What bitch in there right mind would want to spend a romantic night with fuckin Mike Tyson???.... I can only begin to imagine what his regulars will be like? I'm sure all the hoes that just aren't quite getting that prison style beatdown at home will be lined up,How bout a round of bit off ears and chipped tooths for everyone!

Please pray for Mike!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Givin' white trash a bad name!

Words escape me when looking at these flicks of rednecks at play! I can only imagine what goes on'z at this type of event?

Redneck Couture

Monday, November 13, 2006

Ask me once more...

...Why I fuckin love me some Myspace??? Just the simple fact of all the Hot Ass ham samitch muthafuckas on that shit. Its hours upon hours of pure cyber enjoyment, especially when you stumble across shit like THIS!!!

Oh my soul hole that's the greatest shit ever..... The person who put this together is pure fuckin genius!!!

He bought 6499 of them....

Not only can I not believe this bitch ass trick sold 6500 copies of his debut table coaster... I mean CD. The dumb fuck is actually on tour!!! He's obviously got down in front of the Helen Keller Society on all occasions! My question is are venues actually honoring this so called backstage tour rider??


Rest In Paradise...

Man we lost another great!.... First Barry White now Gerald Levert! I just wanna give a little Rest In Peace to a man who made some great music.

R&B singer Gerald Levert died today (Nov. 10), after suffering a fatal heart attack. Levert, also known as "G-Bear" to his fans, is featured on Styles P upcoming album Time Is Money . He was 40-years-old. The R&B singer was working on a reality show that featured him losing weight along with 12 of his female fans, who lived and trained with Levert for 30 days. (Read More)

R.I.P. homie

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm funny how?

This has got to be the funniest shit I have seen in a long ass time!! I could watch a full length feature of this shit!...... It's BRILLIANT!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Anyone got a guest room for rent??

Like dude Nooooo way... What a shocker I didn't even see it comin'. This fuckin bum is gonna be changing my oil in like 3 months

TMZ obtained the legal papers, filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court, citing "irreconcilable differences." In her petition, Spears asks for both legal and physical custody of the couple's two children, one-year old Sean Preston and two-month old Jayden James, with Federline getting reasonable visitation rights.(read more)

I hope he has all the receipts for them jewels, and with the proceeds from the 5 albums he sold he might be able to get a studio apartment over in Pacoima.

What's the West without ONE Crip and ONE Blood?

I'm a rap dude...I don't get amped up too much, but this is insanity... I know I'm always the first to throw shots at Game for some lame swagga moves BUT I really gotta give it to him for puttin this line up together:

The Game Ft. E-40, Jim jones, Snoop Dogg, Nas, T.I., Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, Nore, Jadakiss, Styles P, Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Rick Ross, Twista, Kurupt, Daz Dillinger, W.C., E-40, Bun B, Chamillioniare, Slim Thug, Young Dro, The Clipse, and Ja Rule....Yes Ja Rule!

"What other rap artist could bring this type of lineup together for one song? It’s the biggest rap remix ever—No Question! And every emcee spits fire. Just listening to the track after we put the final touches on, I almost didn’t belief it myself. I’m very proud to be able to put this out for fans of hip-hop everywhere,” said The Game in a statement.

One Blood Super Duper Remix

Stick ta bein funny!

You know the shit is gettin kinda hectic when you got comedians gettin stuck for havin a burner! I mean are muthafuckas doin drive-bys for joke stealin nowadays or what?

Katt Williams was arrested Monday at Los Angeles International Airport for allegedly carrying a stolen concealed weapon.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the arrest occurred at 3 p.m. in Terminal 5. Williams, a popular comedian who recently starred in his own HBO stand-up comedy special, was stopped at the security checkpoint. Security officers found a concealed weapon in his carry-on luggage. One law enforcement source described it as a "cheap, Saturday night special." (read more)

But riddle me this with all the shit that has transpired in the last five years, I mean come on now airport securrrity is at an all time high! You can't even carry on hair care products no mo how in the fuck did this little muthafucka think he was gonna smuggle on some heat?? Shit don't make no damn sense..... "Pimp in distress!!!"

Im starting with the man in the mirror!

Everyone get out there and do what ya gotta do mayne. I know we can't get ole' douche breath out of office just yet but what we CAN do is flip the house seats so they wont have as much control for the rest of HitlersBush's final years.... Heres some good info from the homie for those who might not be up on things...

Handle that shit

Fight the power....With YOUR POWER!!!

From: Lord Defa
Date: Nov 7 2006 6:47 AM

For those who haven't had much time to look over the info this year.
This is what I'm doing ...

Governor: Phil Angelides
Lieutenant Governor: John Garamendi
Attorney General: Jerry Brown
Secretary of State: Debra Bowen
Treasurer: Bill Lockyer
Controller: John Chiang
Insurance Commissioner: Cruz Bustamante

Ballot measures:

NO on Prop 83 - Supposedly it increases monitoring on registered sex offenders in Cali, at least that's how they are selling it. It goes way deeper than that. This measure also allows the government to track people with only misdemeanor offenses for life! Not down with it eventhough I think sex offenders are the worst creatures on the planet.
YES on Prop 84 - Do you want clean water, or water filled with AIDS and herpes and shit from sea monsters? Just vote yes on this. The Sierra Club wants you too and The Dubya does not.

NO on Proposition 85--Parental Notification for Abortion. Supported by the people trying to overturn Roe v Wade ... enough said.

YES on Proposition 86--Fund Health Care / Cigarette Tax ... I know lots of you smokers aren't up for another cig tax, but I gotta vote for this :)

YES on Proposition 87--Clean Energy. This is why Clinton keeps calling everyone hahaha ... might be the most important reason to get out to the polls this time. we might pay a little bit of a tax now, but it's for the sake of finding alternative energy and reducing our reliance on foreign oil.

NO on 88 .... has to do with education. some stuff sounds like a good idea, but not thought out. Maybe they can revise it and I'll go this way next time. As it stands now, I can't support this.

YES on Proposition 89--Public Financing of Campaigns. Reduces the amount of money special interest groups, lobbyists and large corporations can contribute to ballot measures. Evens out the playing field.
NO on Proposition 90--Just a bad idea. Can't explain in 2 sentences. Read up on it if you want. Pretty much every single progressive group in california opposes it.

NO on Prop 1A - Too much at stake and with the risk of affecting school and hospital funding, I'm just not sold on it.

PROBABLY YES on Prop 1B - Basically the state can sell of nearly $20 Billion in bonds to help relieve traffic and pollution. There hasn't been too much negative press on it, but only a few outspoken organizations have endorsed it publicly. That said, I'm leaning towards voting for it.

YES on Prop 1C - The state would sell off nearly $3 billion in bonds to help build more low income housing and develop urban area (like downtown) near public transportation

YES on Prop 1D - If we can drop $4 Billion a day in Iraq, I think we could afford to drop $10.4 billion on upgrading our schools from Kindergarden up through state run colleges. This is long overdue.

YES on Prop 1E - It creates a fund to prepare our state in the case of a disaster (flood, earthquake, etc) ... so we won't be fucked if anything goes down like in New Orleans.

I hope this helps!
Now go vote!!!!! :)

peace and luv,
Lord Defa

Friday, November 03, 2006

A Westcoast winter....

So this is the review of Tha Doggfathers new album "Tha Blue Carpet Treatment" they gave it a pretty nice write up, and even thought I wasn't totaly feeling the leaked "Vato" I'm hopeful Snoop will have some nice suprizes for us on this his eighth album. (read review)

Could it really be....

.... Wezzy F. Baby the best rapper alive? That's a pretty bold statement, but in today's hip hop climent he might be in the damn running. I can't even believe I just even typed that shit but if you really take the time to think about it who is really out there nowadays spittin that hot FIYAH??? I mean I know Dylan from the seminal group "Da Band" aint doin it no mo I'm pretty sure he's tearing tickets at a Multiplex in Yonkers by now! So with that being said I gotta give Wezzy his propas cuz dude has most definitely stepped his game up. I will even go as far to say he is hands down the best southern rapper out.... But alive? Out of everyone on earth? I'll have to get back ta y'all on this one. I will say one thing he did murda Hov on his own beat! I guess we will have to see how this whole Kingdom Come album turns out.

Stay tuned.....

Lil Wayne - "Show me what you got freestyle"

Assholes and Elbows

I just was doing my morning blog drive bys and stumbled upon this little gem of a story...

McDonald's today announced that its McRib Sandwich will be brought back for a limited time.

The company announced last year that it would discontinue the sandwich. But due to popular demand, they're bringing it back. The company has created a "McRib Farewell Tour II" campaign to accompany this limited time occasion. (read more)

Now I don't know about you but I have had a Mc Jig Mc Rib and I can whole heartily say it has to be the nastiest muthafuckin sandwich on the planet! How the fuck are you gonna just have some shaped and formed god knows what kinda meat, cover the shit with bad BBQ sauce and call it a Mc Rib? There is nar a thang close to being a rib up in that bitch. Have you also noticed there's always black folks in the commercials?.... Hmmmm what's Mc Donalds tryin' to say? I mean come on now not only black folks like ribs them Chinese muthafuckas can throw down on some damn ribs. Sheeeeit not to mention all the redneck Texas ass rib shacks them hillbillys don't play when it come "Ta some Barrrr Bah Que"!! Damn all this rib talk got a muthafucka kinda sleepy.....Itis!

Discuss it amongst yourselves

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Candy girl?

Sir Crack-a-lot looks like he aint slept in like 40 days and 40 nights! Damn X (arf arf arf)... You you gotta make me speak on you like this?? My dude looks like the cat who sits out in front of my local Liquor/swap-meet/check cashing/laundry joint panhandling for "A lil something on a tall can and black n mild" just grimey as all hell smellin like Thunderbird and zoo dirt! Now my shorty Monica on the other hand aside from the fact she looks like she just smelled a hot fart! Looks pretty damn fine as usual! I mean I'm even willing to overlook the 2 for 1 weave from the local wig hut!...... But does X kinda look like he's about to break out a verse from "WHOOP THAT TRICK!"???..... I mean I'm just sayin'

Oh yeah X lose the lollypop .....not gangsta!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lights OUT..........Beeeyotch!

So my beloved Lakers opened up with a big win lastnight! It actually turned out to be a nice little asswhoopin on the punk ass Suns, even with half the damn team out with injuries. We still showed that we are finally meshing with all the young bucks runnin wild! My man Lamar is lookin like he's on some boss shit holding shit down without number 8 arr um I mean 24 on the floor. The new kid Bynum had a nice little game in the paint, shit if they can keep it pushin like this we really gonna put the mash down when everyone is healthy. On a another note the Heat got there asses handed to them in there building!..... What that Lake show like cuz!