Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Payless Marbury

Introducing the Air Brokebury's

The great Tony Yayo(yeah right) once said "Girl fix your lipstick, your hair is a mess
And I know your feet hurt in them damn Payless".... well I guess he might of been talkin about Stephon Marbury's sorry ass word on the street is this New York Knick BallerBum has a new shoe droppin' But unlike the classic everyone and there mommas cuzzin must have Air Jordan's the price tag on these baby's is far from the steep gotta serve a oz on the blocc $185-200. What do they go for you ask? These Sike's are goin for a cool $15 bucks! Hahahaha you gotta be shittin' me mayne is these shit like some african bottle sandles with a star stenciled on the side?? I guess Nike, Reebok or Adidas really aint checkin for this washed up bum.

(CBS/AP) NEW YORK New York Knicks guard Stephon Marbury is putting his name behind a new pair of cheap high-tops.

The $15 shoes will be sold only at the sports apparel store Steve and Barry's.

So far the sneakers, called Starbury Ones, are getting rave reviews from their would-be owners.

Some young basketball players on a West Fourth Street court told the Daily News the shoes are comfortable and, considering the price tag, a bargain.

I just gotta see these things?


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