Friday, August 18, 2006

From tha WTF files....


H.A.M. of the century!!!!! Hahahahaha oh my soul this has got to be the funniest fuckin picture I have seen in a while! These white hoe's had me laughing for like a good 10 minutes if only i knew where they were from I'ma take a guess and say it's gotta be like Indianapolis or some shit like that! I'm willing to bet good money these broads dropped there 3 mulleted kids off at there mother inlaws trailer before the club. Then hopped out the 87 Chevette smellin' like Parlaments, Stawberry Hill and Exclamation perfume!!...... Oh shit im still laughing y'all I can just hear these lobster heads talkin to each other waiting in line at the club

"Gurrrrl I need to find me a fioone ass nigga tonight"

"Shit Rhonda I hurrrrd dat dare"

"Mi feets hurt already doe"

"Dont worry gurrrrl once you get some of dat Hennessy up in you you'll be fine"

"Damn we look goooood gurlllll"

"Shit nigga i'm already knowins"

Oh man this might just be the best example of some female wiggers for reals!

T.G.I.F this made my day fa sho!


Anonymous Rae.Cizm said...

LMAO... you said they smell like Exclmation. this is the greatest picture ever taken. I cant even wrap my mind around where the fuck these broads could be from. Indiana is a mother fuckin time warp but I dont even think some hoes from there would walk around like this, ever. The big ho has tops AND bottoms... really, look again. like I said on myspace, "I ONLY FUCK WIT' T'RILL ASS HOS!!!"

7:17 PM  

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