Wednesday, August 02, 2006

25 and never sucked worse!

In it's hey day!

So MTV turns 25 years old today and the once dope everything music channel has never sucked worse! Man I used to rush home to watch Yo MTV Rap's back in the day that shit was ill man all my favorite rappers whose music I was always bumping now had another outlet. We could see them in flesh and blood Fab Five Freddy would take us to there hoods have them show us were they grew up what inspired them and everything! The shit was ILL not to mention there was always great hip hop! Ted Demme (R.I.P.) was definetly ahead of his time when he created that show for reals "YO"! That show went off the air in 1995 I was crushed/pissed and MTV has never been the same since, Fastforward 11 years and now the only thing remotely celebrating Hip Hop is wack ass Direct Effect which showcases pretty much all the wack ass payola records that evey other station plays. Not to mention all the other absolutly ricdiculious shows they play now "my super sweet 16", "The hills", "Made" Etc Etc. So in closing I guess Happy Birthday but it's sort of bitter sweet kind of like when you have to go to the party of someone you really aint like.


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