Friday, November 03, 2006

Could it really be....

.... Wezzy F. Baby the best rapper alive? That's a pretty bold statement, but in today's hip hop climent he might be in the damn running. I can't even believe I just even typed that shit but if you really take the time to think about it who is really out there nowadays spittin that hot FIYAH??? I mean I know Dylan from the seminal group "Da Band" aint doin it no mo I'm pretty sure he's tearing tickets at a Multiplex in Yonkers by now! So with that being said I gotta give Wezzy his propas cuz dude has most definitely stepped his game up. I will even go as far to say he is hands down the best southern rapper out.... But alive? Out of everyone on earth? I'll have to get back ta y'all on this one. I will say one thing he did murda Hov on his own beat! I guess we will have to see how this whole Kingdom Come album turns out.

Stay tuned.....

Lil Wayne - "Show me what you got freestyle"


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