Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Stick ta bein funny!

You know the shit is gettin kinda hectic when you got comedians gettin stuck for havin a burner! I mean are muthafuckas doin drive-bys for joke stealin nowadays or what?

Katt Williams was arrested Monday at Los Angeles International Airport for allegedly carrying a stolen concealed weapon.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the arrest occurred at 3 p.m. in Terminal 5. Williams, a popular comedian who recently starred in his own HBO stand-up comedy special, was stopped at the security checkpoint. Security officers found a concealed weapon in his carry-on luggage. One law enforcement source described it as a "cheap, Saturday night special." (read more)

But riddle me this with all the shit that has transpired in the last five years, I mean come on now airport securrrity is at an all time high! You can't even carry on hair care products no mo how in the fuck did this little muthafucka think he was gonna smuggle on some heat?? Shit don't make no damn sense..... "Pimp in distress!!!"


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