Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Im starting with the man in the mirror!

Everyone get out there and do what ya gotta do mayne. I know we can't get ole' douche breath out of office just yet but what we CAN do is flip the house seats so they wont have as much control for the rest of HitlersBush's final years.... Heres some good info from the homie for those who might not be up on things...

Handle that shit

Fight the power....With YOUR POWER!!!

From: Lord Defa
Date: Nov 7 2006 6:47 AM

For those who haven't had much time to look over the info this year.
This is what I'm doing ...

Governor: Phil Angelides
Lieutenant Governor: John Garamendi
Attorney General: Jerry Brown
Secretary of State: Debra Bowen
Treasurer: Bill Lockyer
Controller: John Chiang
Insurance Commissioner: Cruz Bustamante

Ballot measures:

NO on Prop 83 - Supposedly it increases monitoring on registered sex offenders in Cali, at least that's how they are selling it. It goes way deeper than that. This measure also allows the government to track people with only misdemeanor offenses for life! Not down with it eventhough I think sex offenders are the worst creatures on the planet.
YES on Prop 84 - Do you want clean water, or water filled with AIDS and herpes and shit from sea monsters? Just vote yes on this. The Sierra Club wants you too and The Dubya does not.

NO on Proposition 85--Parental Notification for Abortion. Supported by the people trying to overturn Roe v Wade ... enough said.

YES on Proposition 86--Fund Health Care / Cigarette Tax ... I know lots of you smokers aren't up for another cig tax, but I gotta vote for this :)

YES on Proposition 87--Clean Energy. This is why Clinton keeps calling everyone hahaha ... might be the most important reason to get out to the polls this time. we might pay a little bit of a tax now, but it's for the sake of finding alternative energy and reducing our reliance on foreign oil.

NO on 88 .... has to do with education. some stuff sounds like a good idea, but not thought out. Maybe they can revise it and I'll go this way next time. As it stands now, I can't support this.

YES on Proposition 89--Public Financing of Campaigns. Reduces the amount of money special interest groups, lobbyists and large corporations can contribute to ballot measures. Evens out the playing field.
NO on Proposition 90--Just a bad idea. Can't explain in 2 sentences. Read up on it if you want. Pretty much every single progressive group in california opposes it.

NO on Prop 1A - Too much at stake and with the risk of affecting school and hospital funding, I'm just not sold on it.

PROBABLY YES on Prop 1B - Basically the state can sell of nearly $20 Billion in bonds to help relieve traffic and pollution. There hasn't been too much negative press on it, but only a few outspoken organizations have endorsed it publicly. That said, I'm leaning towards voting for it.

YES on Prop 1C - The state would sell off nearly $3 billion in bonds to help build more low income housing and develop urban area (like downtown) near public transportation

YES on Prop 1D - If we can drop $4 Billion a day in Iraq, I think we could afford to drop $10.4 billion on upgrading our schools from Kindergarden up through state run colleges. This is long overdue.

YES on Prop 1E - It creates a fund to prepare our state in the case of a disaster (flood, earthquake, etc) ... so we won't be fucked if anything goes down like in New Orleans.

I hope this helps!
Now go vote!!!!! :)

peace and luv,
Lord Defa


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