Thursday, November 02, 2006

Candy girl?

Sir Crack-a-lot looks like he aint slept in like 40 days and 40 nights! Damn X (arf arf arf)... You you gotta make me speak on you like this?? My dude looks like the cat who sits out in front of my local Liquor/swap-meet/check cashing/laundry joint panhandling for "A lil something on a tall can and black n mild" just grimey as all hell smellin like Thunderbird and zoo dirt! Now my shorty Monica on the other hand aside from the fact she looks like she just smelled a hot fart! Looks pretty damn fine as usual! I mean I'm even willing to overlook the 2 for 1 weave from the local wig hut!...... But does X kinda look like he's about to break out a verse from "WHOOP THAT TRICK!"???..... I mean I'm just sayin'

Oh yeah X lose the lollypop .....not gangsta!


Anonymous Blaxican Princess said...

OMG....boy o boy u are a damn nut for real!!! and yea, im FA SHO feelin errything u sayin about X (arf arf arf). and that liquor/swap-meet/check cashing/ laundry joint ova there on slauson?? i know that place...LOL

9:25 AM  

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