Friday, October 06, 2006

"Stomp you out in the name of love"

Once again Kel's is proving he might be the craziest nigga on earth! "Hmmmm let's see I'm not quite satisfied with my pending cases I think I'll add a few more"

uncle' claims R. Kelly beat him October 5, 2006 BY STEFANO ESPOSITO Staff Reporter A longtime associate of R&B superstar R. Kelly filed a lawsuit Wednesday in which he claims he was beaten -- and left with permanent injuries -- at Kelly's Olympia Fields estate last February. Henry Love Vaughn is also suing for "breach of verbal contract." Vaughn says Kelly reneged on a promise to pay for Vaughn's collaboration in the creation of Kelly's song "Steppin' in the Name of Love." Olympia Fields police say they have investigated Vaughn's assault complaint but do not intend to file charges. In a written statement released Wednesday, a Kelly spokesman described Vaughn as a "disgruntled former employee and hanger-on." Vaughn, who says he has been like an uncle to Kelly and has notes from Kelly addressing him as "Uncle Henry Love," said he was invited over to watch the NBA All-Star Game on Feb. 19.(read more)

Damn this fool just has no kinda sense in that big ass bald head of his! I already knew the shit was over when I seen him do that whole trapped in the closet shit by hiself!! Muthafucka done flew the KooKoos nest years ago if you ask me..... But that's just if you ask me.


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