Friday, September 29, 2006

Maybe its just me?

But I fuckin can't stand these heinous looking all over print hoodies! I mean there just plain tacky man and just because cornyass Pharrell wears them don't mean the shit is cool one iota. I'm well aware that fashion trends come and go but this shit is just nasty to me not to mention the ticket on these joints is anywhere from $150 to as high as $500.... Yes you read that right. I mean just cuz Lil Arnold Drummond I mean Wayne wore it in the "Cocaine is cool..Put you titties closer to the 22"s" video don't mean I need one in my life. I mean ask you yourself, do you really wanna walk around lookin' like these clowns? that's just my personal opinion and I like to think that I'm pretty fashionable with mines..... But these are just boo boo to me.


Anonymous roachbomb said...

no its not just you that wont buy that garbage either..

2:16 PM  
Anonymous MoDirt said...

Im going to get u a smedium one with bubbles and pink elephants all over it for Christmas...Yeah Sson!

~ This Crab Nigga! U already knoo who it izzz!!

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Rae.Cizm said...

that shits been wack but all the mindless chumps from my generation jump in line to buy that shit. Pharell is a ho and that Filipino niggas does all the work. LOL... at wayne = lil arnold drummond

4:35 PM  

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