Friday, October 06, 2006

Another reason BET sucks.

The Christies committed! Are you fuckin kidding me who in the fuck wants to watch a fuckin show about wack ass Doug Christie? For one he's like one of the most clean cut dudes that ever played in the NBA and for two he wasn't even ever a superstar in the league he was like a life long weed carrier for all the actual stars on the team. I think the one highlite of his career was when he got live with another pine shiner Rick Fox and even that was no Ron Artest type shit!
I mean come on he went to rich ass Pepperdine for godsake.... Just another weak attempt on BET's part to get some ratings cuz I know for a fact the numbers have got to be in the shitter. Just take a look at those sorry and quite annoying new hosts of 106 & park that bitch Rocsi's voice feels like someone is poking me in the neck with a hot soldering iron everytime she utters a word. Come on BET quit being "safe" y'all should of done "The Iversons Acquitted" HA... Now that would be great T.V. following A.I.'s crazy ass around Philly while he's draped up and dripped out rollin with like 40 of his boys actin up in the club. Only to have him to come home loaded and chase his wife around with a pistol!...... BRILLIANT! Let's not even get started on that fools crazy ass momma, you know her drunk ghetto fabulous ass would be up in every episode! See that's what I'm talkin bout BET do somethin good for once.

Holla at me for a development deal!


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