Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fire up tha DVRs

Oh yes "Brother" this is gonna be some must see TV fo sho! I used be an A-Team fanatic back in the day when I was a shorty and the main reason was one Sgt. B.A. Baracus. He used to beat the dogg shit out of like 5-6 muthafuckas at a time on that show and when he wasn't smashin fools or dumpin' out the side of his black and red rapist van he was on a mission to beat up "That big dummy" Merdock.... Fast forward to 2006 and my dude Clubber Lang is back like cooked crack! With his own reality show "I pitty the fool" HA!! This shit is gonna be classic no doubt about it. You know for a fact my DVR will be programmed for this madness.... The Jibba Jabba stops here!


Anonymous Roachbomb said...

BA didnt like to fly on planes and he couldnt shoot too straight either,but he could knock the shit outta Rocky..

2:19 PM  

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