Thursday, September 28, 2006

So I always wondered...

....Who on this huge rock we call earth was buying Clay GAYkins records? Well after doing my morning blog drive by's now I fuckin know!.....This guy..... Oh my soul I think he's a night manager at a Sonic in Tulsa or some shit. After doing a little more research on these shark toof havin' mo-fo's, I came to find out there called "Claymates"..... Umm sorry I had to pinch the tip of my dick to prevent myself from pissing my pants. So what I'm taking from this is that "Claymates" pretty much consist of fat gay republicans, women in there mid seventies straight from a silver fox club meeting, retards, pasty over weight white chicks that had one to many Wet Seal coupons and let's not for get the handicapped! Wow pretty strong following for the guy that lost on American Idol. Shit I can't knock dudes hustle even though he looks like he's touched more dicks than a Tijuana hooker..... Not to mention has anyone seen Ruben Studdard? I think he's doing double prints at a Wal-Mart super store some where.

I really need to get money off some dumb shit!!!....Any ideas??


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