Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Wild West Profile: I know Ross...The REAL Rick Ross


AGE: 46


PERSONAL: Grew up poor in Troup, Texas, and then moved to South-Central L.A., where his mother and family still live. Dropped out of Dorsey High School in his senior year. Dropped out of L.A. Trade-Tech to take up cocaine dealing. Has seven children by four different women.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Metropolitan Correctional Center, San Diego, where he has been held without bond since March 1995.

POLITICAL: No political involvement or interests. PROFESSIONAL: Successful cocaine trafficker since he was 19. Bought massive amounts of real estate, including hotels and several businesses. By 1987, had one of the largest crack cocaine distribution networks in the country, selling in California, Louisiana, Texas, Ohio, Missouri and Indiana.

CRIMINAL: Arrested on auto theft charges in 1979. Convicted of cocaine charges in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1991 and sentenced to 10 years. His sentence was cut in half after he agreed to testify against L.A. narcotics agents accused of corruption. Also served eight months on a Texas narcotics charge in 1994. Arrested as part of a DEA sting in 1995.... a sting his old supplier, Danilo Blandon, helped arrange. Convicted of conspiracy to distribute cocaine in March 1996.

QUOTE: "You know how some people feel that God put them down here to be a preacher? I felt that He had put me down to be the cocaine man.''

Yes yes I know I'm grown and still fasinated with my childhood hero's! No wonder people say I'ma weirdo!


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