Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fight the POWER!

I know I'm probably gonna get hella hate mail from this post but I just had to drop my 2 cents on this shit. I have to say I got a love and hate relationship with VH-1 cuz for all the cool shit they throw down like the Ego Trip shows, Hip Hop Honors and what not I gotta give a big fuck you for the bafoonery that is "Flavor of Love"! Anyone that has some knowledge of hip hop knows that Flava Flav comes from one of the most revolutionary hip hop groups of all time Public muthafuckin Enemy! I mean they were the embodiment of the revolutionary spirit that was black power hip hop! They were the black panthers of music at the time and not even the government could fuck with them and white people were scared of there message. Chuck and Flav were them dudes that you felt were your voice, and were speaking for a generation that had a hard time speaking for themselves. I know personally for me everytime I was bumpin "Yo Bum Rush The Show" I was the middle finger man for real.... Fast forward 19 years and we have Flav all up in our living rooms knoodling with Sly Stallons ex- broad and now just actin a fool with some random ex-stippers, porn chicks and all around lobster head bitches just USING this man to try and get there 15 minutes. The shit is sickening to me ...... I'm just sayin Miuzi Weighs A Ton!!!!

"Flavor Flav with a white bitch that is whack.... Got to put the nigga back in my Cadillac Take him backto the hood, where it's action packed Let him know that the target's still on his back" - Ice Cube "Tha Nigga Trap" 2006


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