Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These....

So last night i get home from Happy Hour with a few of my potnas of course I'm feelin very nice off the get loose juice that I had ingested in the previous hours. So i decided to pop like a half of Xanax so I can finally get some good ass sleep ( I been havin hella insomnia but thats another blog altogether) Anyways why is it that when I pop pills before sleep I be havin the most way out fuckin dreams? I mean real talk my shit was on some crazy ass shit I'm not even bullshittin either I mean these joints was all over the place from slappin my neighbor to swiming in Palm Springs to givin the swipe to a random Myspace friend! This was all in one damn night to I think I really need to dig a little deeper into the meanings of what your dreams are? Cuz on the real I woke goin damn that was some way out shit.... But just for the record drank and pills DO mix don't let no one fool you! Hahahaha

I'm Just sayin'


Blogger this is me: come experince Jenny's triogly said...

hahaah your crazy. That is NOT a cood mix.
i have crazy dreams too and i dont even pop pills.
thats the reason i dont. i was already born on the moon i dont need anything else!

10:46 AM  

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