Tuesday, December 19, 2006

NBA.... National Beatdown Association

One punch is all it took to turn the league upside down! Melo is out for 15 games which will cost my dude around a cool 600 gees! I mean I know how it is when ya pontnaz are ready to get there squab on.... But damn homie this is your JOB this aint the streets. It's kinda like if I came to work and one of my co-workers was gettin it from the boss.... I sho as hell wouldn't run over and smash on him, I would most definitely be fired and probably arrested. The thing that really gets me is that Melo wasn't even the one who should of been pissed he wasn't even near the foul? I mean come on now you knew what was gonna happen, you knew David Stern was gonna get all in your ass especially after the Artest shit.

Frustrated NBA Commissioner David Stern took quick action in response to the weekend brawl between the Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks, suspending seven players and issuing team fines he hoped would send a message.

In a Monday teleconference, Stern announced that Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony, the league's top scorer, had received a 15-game suspension, the sixth-longest in NBA history.

J.R. Smith of the Nuggets and Nate Robinson of the Knicks, whose fight tumbled into the stands, were suspended for 10 games.(read more)

So I guess when all is said and done it just goes to show no matter how cool you think you really are and how much money you think you got David Stern can fuck a brotha in the ass at the drop of a hat or the throw chingaso for that matter! Somewhere Ron Artest is laughing.


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