Friday, December 08, 2006

Fuck Law enforcement in general

These times we are livin are gettin more and more hectic by the minute! We quite possibly have the worst President EVER, and these crooked ass cops runnin' wild out here killing more and more innocent people on a daily basis.

December 06, 2006

More than a week after the police shooting death of Sean Bell, activists keeping the pressure on the NYPD staged a rally Wednesday night. NY1'’s Dean Meminger filed the following report.Angry and upset over the police shooting death of Sean Bell, scores of people marched through the streets of Lower Manhattan Wednesday night. One young woman brought her 1-year old daughter.

“Because it can happen to her when she gets older, said one protester in response to why she brought her daughter to the event. If it doesn't stop now, it could happen to her."
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This shit will never stop till we fuckin revolt against these punk ass police! Being I'm from Los Angeles which is pretty much the home of police brutality somthin's gotta give it wouldnt suprise me one bit if it becomes April 29th 1992 all over again.... So with that being said rest in peace Sean Bell! Here's how they been doin us here in L.A. for years now you tell me there aint some kinda problem?

"FUCK THE POLICE comin' straight from the undaground a young nigga got it bad cuz i'm brown" -NWA 1988 (see we been knowin')


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that shit gave me the chills - loksta

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

he would be alive if he wasnt trying to be a "bad mother-fucker", telling the police what he was going to do. when they say put the gun down, you put the gun down... without questions, without statements,just put it down. but he had to show how "HARD" he was. they gave him a chance to live, and he wasted it trying to be "ALL THAT"...good! now play this for EVERY kid that wants to join a gang, or carry a gun, or just wants to be a "bad mother-fucker"

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