Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"You down for the Boost?"

So this morning I'm at my local hood convenient store getting some Gatorade and what not. I go to the counter and try and communicate with the Arab who always greets me with "Hey Bwoss" I say "Sup" back, and pay for my shit. As I'm leaving I see on the mag rack the homies on the cover of the new Wheels magazine. So as I go to pay for the shit Habib is nowhere to be found? Now me being a grown ass man nowadays I kinda look hard for dude with no luck? So as I proceed to boost this magazine out the store I'm thinkin to myself damn would that be some shit to get pinched for boostin a damn mag! The whole time I'm laughing and now thinking damn what a bitch your ass has become in ya old age.... I mean rewind 10 years and I was a beast on the boost tip! I mean you name it from spray paint and 40's to T-bones and Mustangs! I guess the ole' adage really is true the older you get the wiser you get!.... I just had to share that lil tid bit with y'all it was kinda funny to me.

"I get mines the fast way.... The skimask way!" - Fiddy


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