Tuesday, February 27, 2007

ALL STAR 2007 all that glitters aint gold!

LAS VEGAS -- NBA All-Star Weekend in Vegas was an unmitigated failure, and any thoughts of taking the extravaganza to New Orleans in 2008 are total lunacy.

An event planned to showcase what is right about professional basketball has been turned into a 72-hour display of why commissioner David Stern can't sleep at night and spends his days thinking of rules to mask what the NBA has come to represent.

Good luck fixing All-Star Weekend. (read more)

All I gotta say is who didn't see this shit comin? I mean that was my main reason for not attending All Star Weekend this year I knew it was just absolutely to damn close to L.A. I knew every Gee, thug, Banger from the hood would be in Vegas. I heard first hand accounts of all the crazy shit that transpired during this shit. I hate to say it but I guess they are right we don't know how to fuckin act.... Point the finger if you want to but if the truth hurts say ouch!


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