Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pour'n up!

After Jay sent an indirect shot out... These fool's are wasting no time trying to use it to get that almighty Hip-Hop dolla dolla bill y'all!

After denouncing Cristal, the luxe drink of choice of rap artists for many years, Jay-Z was left with a tough decision as to which champagne could replace it as a sign of opulence in rap/music culture. It appears that the artist has decided to (unofficially) endorse Armand De Brignac now, featuring it in one of his new songs as "gold bottles with the ace of spades." It seems like a good choice based on the bottle alone. Armand De Brignac has been produced by a family owned vineyard for over two hundred years and has only just started to be imported from France. It is said to have notes of flowers, citrus, dried fruits and brioche.(source)

Shit I'll try the shit out see what they got goin... I been lookin for a good replacement and have been fallin' back on the ole faithful Moet White Star. There's always room for some new drank especially when you pour'n up with that special someone or just actin' a fool in the V.I.P.


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