Monday, October 23, 2006

Baby Hov!

These kids are featured in the upcoming XXL mag

For the past two-plus years, Samtubia Edwards,21, an aspiring director from the Bronx, and his younger brother Samgoma,14, have been making a series of music videso for Jay-Z songs that Jay himself never filmed visuals for. The Young Hov series, which include videos for "PSA," "Lucifer" and Memphis Bleek's "Dear Summer," started around the time of the Roc don's retirement,when a then 11-year-old Samgoma began to develop a noticeable resemblance to a teenage Jigga.

This shit is actually kinda of tight, and dude looks just like a pint sized Big Homie! The thing that's even better than the actual Jigga is they picked some of his tightest joints to do videos of. Shit that Jay himself never even made! I gotta give it up to these kids they are pretty innovative.


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